Originally from California, Marco Dollenz(myself aka Seizmik) started as an Artist (painter) & Film student (Cinematography), introduced to Electronic music and culture in 1989 started in helping produce early Parties in and around Los Angeles working with and around some of the most influencial Dj’s of the time who would later become well known (Sandra Collins, Taylor, Crystal Method, Shawn King and Doc Martin to name a few). In Early 2004 moved to Santiago Chile and started a Production company (Transonik Productions now Arthouse) and dedicated it to the creating a platform for artists that inspired me, between 2004 and 20010 produced many parties (California Sessions, the Circuit, Lov, and Nasa were some recurring events) with many international/national artists. I’ve dj’ed for the art&fun of it since 2001 for clubs and parties in Santiago, LA & Spain, now as Arthouse in Barcelona.